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Please find the attached file of the Conference program with plenary and section presentations. Note that the order of presentations is given without timing. Therefore, please be online during your session until you will be invited to present.

Time limit for each presentation up to 7 mins.

We remind you that the presentation online is obligatory and in English, otherwise, you paper will be not included in proceedings and not be indexed in Scopus and Web of Science.

The links for Zoom meeting will be provided soon. Also, as soon as you receive them, please enter the meeting 15 mins before the start of your session. The presenting authors have to enter earlier than co-authors since there is a limitation on number of participants (up to 500 participants).

Download the presentation template below and prepare a video 5-7 min.

Dear Participant, please note that registration fee for the conference is carried out after reviewing the paper.

Registration Categories Rates
Full Conference / IEEE Member$250 / $200
Developing countries, CIS ( list ) / IEEE Member$100 / $70
Conference Organizer$40
Student (including Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD student)
*note: only papers fully (100%) written by students are paying $30
Extra Charges (if applicable)Fee
Additional Page (Number of Pages Included in registration fee: 6) $25
Accompanying guest to banquet dinner$50

** IEEE Member, Developing Countries, Local IEEE Members, Students (including Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD students)

Regular author registration includes: paper presentation, proceedings volume part (where your paper is published), proceedings CD, attendance to all sessions, conference program, name tag (Badge), coffee breaks, certificate of participation.

Exhibitions (a table provided)$75
Poster session – IEEE Member $155
Poster session – Developing Countries* ( list )$75
Poster session – Local IEEE Members $50
Poster session – Student (including Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD students) $20

IEEE members should confirm their membership by sending their membership numbers on

Students should provide a valid certificate on

Registration of paper must be done by one of author(s) of paper.

Payment details in US dollars (USD):

Beneficiary: «Astana IT University» Limited Liability Partnership

Address: 010000, Mangilik El ave. 55/11, EXPO pavilion С.1, Astana city, The Republic of Kazakhstan

BIN 190240014589

Account: KZ136018771000044191 (USD)

Beneficiary Bank: JSC Halyk Bank, 40 Al-Farabi ave., А26M3K5, Almaty, Kazakhstan


Correspondent Bank in USD:

Correspondent account № 8900372605 held with The Bank of New York Mellon, New York, USA


Code for payment – 859

Purpose of payment : Conference participation fee (here you should indicate the full name of conference, category of fee, e.g. MSc/PhD student, Developing country/CIS, etc., paper ID)

For Kazakhstan residents (in KZT):

Name: Товарищество с ограниченной ответственностью «Astana IT University»

Address: г. Астана, пр. Мангилик Ел, 55/11, ЭКСПО павильон С. 1
БИН 190240014589
КБЕ 17
ИИК KZ896018771000044181 KZT
АО «Народный Банк Казахстана»
КНП (Код назначения платежа) – 859
Назначение платежа: Организационный взнос по проведению конференции (тут можете полное наименование конференции прописать, категория, по которой вы принимаете участие: магистрант, докторант, развивающаяся страна; ID статьи